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Operational Technology and Information Technology - The Connected Enterprise

Hello, meet Bitflipz - Offering Full Stack Solutions for a Connected Enterprise

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Delivering Technology-based solutions aligning Operational Technology with Information Technology for 18 years plus. Optimizing buisness processes, open paths for information exchange for better decision making, reducing costs and lowering risks. Integrating people, tools and resources used, to manage and support both technology areas.

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  • Bitflipz Solutions Inc.
  • Ontario Canada
  • 519 272 4462

Latest Projects

ShopFloor Datacollection to the Cloud

Data Collection from machine logic controllers to a Cloud based business enterprise system for performance monitoring.

ScoreCard Visualization

Realtime Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Scorecard Visualization

Barcoding - Scanning and Labelling

Scanning and Labelling for traceability and validation requirements

Automating Data transfers between different software applications

System Integration - linking diseparate data sources. Request data from one system, audit (Web Interface), and bi-directional communication of data

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Enterprise Business Integration (ERP)

Automate communication of production scheduling, bill of materials, and recipe specifications to the factory floor. Providing real-time Work in Process status information back to the enterprise systems.

Non-Proprietary Shopfloor Operator Interfaces

Develop HMI Interfaces for interaction between operator, machine and Enterprise Business Systems (ERP)

Why Bitflipz?

Specialize in programming and integration for automation

1. Integration - OT and IT

Design and programming solutions that integrate Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) for a complete Connected Enterprise. Building strategies for setting standards, Enterprise Architecture, support and security models, software configuration practices and information and process integration

2. Web and Client Application Development

Web, mobile, Windows 10 IOT, Raspberry PI IOT, windows client, click-once applications, HMI and SCADA apps.

3. Database Programming

Knowing how databases should be structured, creating complex queries, ensuring optimal performance, integrity and availability

4. Backend Programming

Making sure all the right data available for any type of client. Lots of stuff needs to go correctly to hand off data to the front end. Making it happen through web apis, web services, and server-side programming

5. ShopFloor Integration

Getting devices to interact and communicate with each other, from RF Readers to PLCS and everything in between, giving devices a voice. Collecting data from any of type of device and passing reliable data to any other business system, cloud based and dedicated servers.

6. Consulting

Making solid educated decisions, based on understanding each component of the stack and combining experience of deep knowledge of buisness processes. To explain in plain english, highly technical concepts to every level of management is what can be expected. Assisting businesses in becoming data-centered and leverage data assets.


Programming: C# + .NET Web API + SignalR + WPF + ASP.NET CORE + Xamarin

Frameworks: Asp.Net + AngularJS + ASP.NET MVC

FrontEnd Development: HTML5

Databases: MSSQL + SQLLite

Scripting: Javascript + VB + Python

Automation: Rockwell + Kepware + IGEAR + OPC.NET + OpenHMI

OS: Windows Server + DOS + Windows 3.0 and up

Hardware: Server + Network Protocols + Clients

Hosting: Azure

Web Servers: IIS, NodeJS, .NET Core

Internet of: Things + Locations

Business Requirements: User Requirements + Project Management

Milestones Achieved

We will have more experiences and pass many more milestones.


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Work Process

As human beings, We are a work in process.

The Microsoft Solutions Framework which is a set of principles, models, disciplines, concepts and guidelines for delivering Information technology solutions. The framework is applicable to not only developing applications, but applies to other IT projects like deployment, networking and infrastructure.

1. Idea
2. Sketch
3. Design
4. Develop
5. Test
6. Launch

MSF provides an adaptable guidance, based upon experiences and best practices from inside and outside of Microsoft, to increase the chance of successful delivery of an information technology solution to the customer by working fast, decreasing the number of people on the project team, averting risk, while enabling high quality results. MSF does not force the developer to use a specific methology, but lets them decide what methology to use

Software and Solution Packages

The Connected Enterprise Starter Package - $8500 US

Unlimited Number of Tags, Connections, and Clients. Start Communicating and Collecting data today!

Includes - Software that can communicate and deliver data bi-directionally. The software has the following built-in communication data links:

  • Allen-Bradley and Modbus - eliminating the need for an external OPC server ie Kepware
  • OPC - Allows communication with any standards compliant OPC server. Supports both the reading and writing of data to and from the OPC server remotely via Ethernet or on the local machine
  • Database - enables reading, writing and command execution on a multitude of database platforms. Supports native communication with popular database engines and a mixture of ODBC and OLEDB for communicating with other database types
  • Ethernet/Serial - enables the integration of virtually any Ethernet or Serial device, allowing control or monitoring of these devices
  • File processing - enables the importing and exporting of data files. Simple file archiving and purging are also possible after the file is processed
  • File Transfer - used for transferring files between different locations (local or networked) or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) servers. New files can be located, unsolicited (as they appear in the specified path), copied to a new location, moved to a new location or deleted
  • .NET - enables communication to and from any .Net assembly. .Net assembly versions 4.5.1 and older are supported
  • Annunciation - provides the ability to play audio over the local speakers, local speakers with Push-To-Talk (PTT) emulation, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices
  • Mail - enables to send and receive e-mails through standard e-mail protocols. It is also possible to receive messages and process the contents, making that information available to other Links
  • Web Service - enables communication with hosted web services and grants the ability to make method calls, passing in parameters as necessary, and collecting results from those method calls; this enables the communication with any application (including many ERP systems or custom applications) that supports a web service interface for passing in or returning data

  • Included:
  • Middleware Application Software includes the above
  • Setup and configuration of 10 different devices
  • Training on how to configure other devices using the middleware application software based on template configuration
  • One Web Screen for realtime monitoring based on data being collected and suited to your need
  • One Web Report based on Data being collected and suited to your need
  • No Tag limitation
  • For Cost of one Connect site license you get an unlimited number of clients, tags, connections
  • Remote Setup and installation

  • Not included:
  • OPC Server ie Kepware
  • Server(s) hardware and Server operating system
  • Network communications
  • SQL server licenses if required
  • IIS Server or any cloud-based Web Server (Cloud options are available starting at 20.00 to 65.00 a month based on data requirements)
  • Maintenence Software updates

  • Other Packages are Available, contact Bitflipz at 519.272.4462 or email @

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    Tillsonburg Ontario

    About Bitflipz

    Hi, I am Barbara Pridham, the founder of Bitflipz Inc. I bought my first PC, which was an XT, when I was in my teens. I soon learned, on my own, how to rip apart PCs and rebuild them. I soon began building clone PCs, as a hobby and sold them to family and friends. To fund my projects, I worked as a bookkeeper at a small electrical company, with the goal someday to become an accountant. This path soon changed, when I was introduced to a university student, who was developing a custom Accounting application for the company I was working for at that time. I was so intrigued, that I started to learn to programme on my own, starting with QBasic, then C, then Visual Basic 2.0 and developed database apps using Paradox, then MS Access. My first web page was using classic asp using Visual Interdev. Soon .net 1.0 came out and I wrote my first mobile app for inventory disbursements using Intermec CK running windows CE .Net. Today, I am quite comfortable with working with .net framework, coding in c# or, transact SQL, and recently, been working with Angular and Xamarin. My main focus has been primarily with the integration of manufacturing processes with information technology and developing business solutions for 18 years plus. I have developed a very strong understanding of how Manufacturing facilities operate and what is required to improve communication channels and the data required to improve quality, efficiencies, and effectiveness. The same methologies and experience can be applied to any cross-functional buisness enterprise.


    Bitflipz started in 2008 and has been focused on delivering solutions for Information Technologies (IT) and Operational Technologies (OT). Prior to Bitflipz, I was the Manufacturing\Engineering programmer then IT/Controls Automation Manager for Accuride Corporation, for 10+ years. Before Accuride, I worked as a Programmer at JMP Engineering, developing HMI programs and customized applications for machine automation. I've also served as a programmer at several manufacturing facilities, developing custom applications for Engineering and Operations.

    What is the meaning of Bitflipz?

    It's a programmer who can come up with elegant algorithms to solve any issue and squeezes out the most performance possible from their system functions. Based on the urban dictionary, bit flipper, is a term for a kernal hacker or programmer who spends a lot of their time manipulating bit masks. Anyhow, Bitflipz is the spinoff...

    On a side note

    I live in Ontario Canada with my husband Brad and together, we have 4 children and 2 dogs. We both love the outdoors, big open spaces and the call of the wild. We enjoy all the seasons that our home place has to offer. We ride motorcycles and snowmobiles for great distances, looking for places to camp, hike and canoe. We are food adventurers, seeking out unique places to eat and drink. I try to jog and participate tri-athlons, and have a desire to wanting to eat, sleep and move better! I enjoy gadgets, hacking on hardware, and giving machines a voice. I have started to warm up to open-source. Lastly, I am a very proud Hodgkins Warrior!

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